My other half has burnt his hand on the steam of the kettle?

Answer Never ever put cream of any description or butter or oil on a burn, it will make is worse!Cold water for at least 10 minutes (running water is best) and then if you have any aloe vera gel put that ... Read More »

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I just burnt my hand with boiling water from a kettle?

Soak it in cold water for 30 minutes. Do not put any salve on lotion on it or it may make the burn worse. It sounds like a 2nd degree burn that will blister. If it does not feel better, have someo... Read More »

How to Cook With a Steam Kettle?

Various institutions like restaurants, food manufacturers and the military use steam kettles for cooking large amounts of product. Steam kettles cook very evenly and quickly, and come in a variety ... Read More »

Does a steam kettle need to be under a hood?

A steam kettle does not have to be under a hood. With older kettles, the room may get a little steamy if there is no ventilation, but a cracked window would suffice. Most modern steam kettles are s... Read More »

Who invented the steam jacketed kettle?

Groen, currently a Unified Brands/Dover Corporation brand, developed the first modern stainless steel steam-jacketed kettle during World War II at the request of the United States government. A sho... Read More »