My orthodontist removed my braces while there's still a gap Retainer q?

Answer Yes, it will be fine. When you get braces, they remove two of your bicuspids so that is the space that you are probably seeing. As far as it closing, your teeth are on a constant mesial shift- t... Read More »

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How to Know What the Orthodontist Will Do when You Get Braces?

Getting braces soon and not sure what they are going to do? Read on.

Orthodontist and braces?

Most people get braces when all their teeth have been lost. It's better to get them earlier than later in my opinion. I got mine when I was 12. If you get them, you'll be fine. In the end, it's wha... Read More »

How do you ask your orthodontist when your getting your braces off?

Sounds like he is intimidating you for some reason or since that is a fairly predictable question for an orthodontist to hear perhaps you are just intimidated by everything. If he is trying to do ... Read More »

How does an orthodontist know how much tension to use for braces?

Its all on a judgement basis. When in school practice is done on what is called a typodont (a fake mouth) from their each person developes thier own method that works for them. In this case there i... Read More »