My orthodonist told me that he is going to use a retainer to straighten out my top 2 teeth?

Answer Yup. It will granted you take care of them properly.

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Will the retainer straighten my teeth?

If you have gaps -- I'd go back. That's not a good sign. And a retainer helps your teeth stay straight after the removal of braces.

I've been told that brushing your teeth with tumeric powder whitens your teeth beyond belief.?

Turmeric is terrible for staining things. Impossible to get out so I don't think it would be wise to brush your teeth with it.

If one of your canine teeth never came down and you were told it was impacted and you needed oral surgery could this have anything to do with the condition of your other teeth which are very yellow?

Answer Orthodontics and oral surgery would be needed to "pull" the impacted canine into position. This would have nothing to do with color of the teeth. If you are worried about yellowing of the t... Read More »

I need a retainer but if I don't get one will my teeth get in the way when I kiss ?

if you don't get a retainer then your teeth will start to move back to how they were originally.i have a retainer and it took me a couple of hours to get used to them, you don't speak funny but you... Read More »