My optical mouse buttons keep switching functions or just stops working, help?

Answer go to control panel, click on mouse & bring up properties box. Under the "buttons" tab make sure you have it set for right handed option. (if you have left handed checked you will need to left clic... Read More »

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My mouse suddenly stops working please help !?

How old is the mouse? You might just need to cough up the money for a new one.

PC recognizes USB Mouse, but Mouse stops working?

if you can, try another usb mouse as I'd be inclined to say the mouse was faulty. Failing that, try the mouse in another computer with a USB port running winXP sp1 or newer.As it is a wired mouse i... Read More »

My mouse just stopped working!!!!!!!!! help!!!!!!!!!?

first, take a Valium and get a grip over yourself! second, reboot your computer and try too reinstall the software.

Why Doesn't Apple Just Make a mouse with 2 buttons ?

Because Steve Jobs, the Despot Ruler at Apple, didn't think anyone would ever need more than one button. "Why would anyone ever need more than 640KB of RAM.", sound familiar (Bill Gates)?FYI: OS ... Read More »