My open wound got soaked in flood water?

Answer Your mom is doing fine. Leptospirosis is a parasite that you need to drink before it is a problem. It is not usually in flood water, but in contaminated water from animals.Apply some antiseptic o... Read More »

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Why do we feel pain when we pour water on open wound?

This is mainly due to the mechanical irritation of the wound leading to deformation of the already damaged cells and production of more mediators irritating the sensitive nerve endings. I don't thi... Read More »

What would happen if you put ocean water on a wound/open injury and burn?

Ocean water will kill the germs and disinfect the wound but it will make it burn badly but makes you feel good after the pain is gone!

I am renovating my condo unit on the 5th floor. I broke open a water pipe causing it to flood down to the lower units. Am i responsible or would the damage be coverd by the building condo insurance.?

Since you caused the damage, your HO-6 condominium unit owner's insurance may cover the cost of repair. However, your insurance company and the insurance company that carries the master policy will... Read More »

What Happens to an Egg That Has Soaked in Vinegar Then Is Soaked in Karo Syrup Overnight?

Eggs have more than one use. Eggs can also teach us science. Do not eat any food, including eggs used in science experiments. Eggshells can evaporate through chemical reactions. Making eggs contr... Read More »