My nose is bleeding help?

Answer pinch the bridge of your nose, not between your eyes, just a little bit lower. and tilt your head forward, not back, it'll drain the blood out whereas tilting backward can just run the blood to you... Read More »

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Is my nose bleeding?

Why does my nose keep bleeding?

There are many different reasons mine get like that too. Some of it can be because of stress or my reason is because of the season is changing. The weather in the air, most people get nose bleeds d... Read More »

What are the causes of a dog's nose bleeding?

If you have a dog, chances are he's already become part of the family. So, what do you do when man's best friend develops a nosebleed? Also known as epistaxis, bleeding from the nose in a dog can b... Read More »

Nose Keeps Bleeding?

If you are not getting enough vitamin C, you can have frequent nose bleeds as well as your gums bleeding. If you think you are getting enough of this vitamin, it may simply be too dry. They make a ... Read More »