My nipples hurt really bad, not my breasts, just the nipples, what does that mean?

Answer nipples are very sensitive. i dont know what it means,you might wanna call your doc.

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If your nipples hurt does that mean you are pregnant?

Answer That is one possible sign of pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test if your period is late.

Do your nipples hurt when you get really cold?

Yes. It's because of the tendlar glands on your chest. Naturally cold makes these glands tighter which in effect causes the pain. Hope this answers your questions.Rick B. MD

At 4 weeks and 3 days pregnant along with sore breasts and nipples and a bloated tummy and flu like symptoms is it normal to hurt in your abdomin when you cough?

Answer Yes this is normal and it sounds like you have pulled one of your abdominal muscles through coughing too much. But because your at such a early stage in your pregnancy (congratulations BTW)... Read More »

What are the white dots on the end of my nipples these are not on the auora section but on the end of my nipples?

I get those every month right before my period. They are normal and are caused by a shift in hormones. It is actually "areola."