My nikon d3000 wont load pictures onto my computer it's worked before?

Answer Depends on the size of the pictures

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How to Load Nikon Pictures on a Computer?

Digital Nikon cameras allow you to capture images and store the content onto an inserted memory card. Uploading the images from your Nikon camera is essentially the same as any other digital camera... Read More »

Why wont Nikon Coolpix screen show pictures transfered from computer to memory card?

How to take good action pictures with nikon d3000?

I just bought a new nikon D3000. it is my first SLR camera. All my pictures are fuzzy, help?

I agree that this is a problem of you needing to learn what you are doing, but, in the meantime, look in your owners manual and find how to reset the camera to all the factory default settings. You... Read More »