My new digital camera runs out of battery life wwaay too fast..?

Answer You camera and other P&S cameras designed to use AA cells, are optimized for use with NiMH AA batteries. They will last longer than ordinary AA cells.There are some additional things you can do co... Read More »

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How many hours of battery life does the Nikon coolpix digital camera s5100 have?

What do i do when i have a low battery on my digital camera?

How to get the most out of digital camera battery?

It depends on the camera make, and so on, but you can help save power by making sure the auto-off function is set to a low time (1 minute normally).Also check that 'continuous focus' is not on, as ... Read More »

Does a low battery on digital camera?

If the memory card slot is in use when the battery gives out, it will likely corrupt the card, ruining it forever.Flash charging can also take longer because of the lowered voltage.On some poorly-d... Read More »