My neighors trees are way too close to my house he refuses to get them remove and it appears that he want me?

Answer If they are on his property why should he move them?If tree limbs hang over your property line then by law you can trim them

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My son is 3 and the school refuses to come to the house and pick him up like last year. Is there guidelines?

Call the school bard r superintendant. this is not right preschoolers and special needs kids should be picked up at there door

My neighbour refuses to let me on their private drive to repair my house, I cannot do them now - ANY HELP?

id write them a polite letter explaining that on 'next tuesday' or whatever you'd be very grateful if they wouldnt mind you coming round to gain access to repair your home as you have water coming ... Read More »

In Georgia can a 17-year-old live with her mother if her father has custody of her and refuses to allow it even though he has kicked her out of his house?

AnswerNot a lawyer so this isn't a legally binding answer but I would think at this point since he has kicked you out of his house he doesn't really have much say over you... On a more serious note... Read More »

Sluggish PC startup once desktop appears - hard disk appears to stop for a minute and everything stops - help?

During that "hang", your system is loading something in the background. Based on the point where it is happening, I suspect it is something in the "Run" part of the registry.You can use the "mscon... Read More »