My neighbors have many cars and they always seem to park in front of my house which leaves me parking far away?

Answer id go park in their driveway but thats me im dumb, well not much you can do since its a public street ask them again to leave you a space in front of your house. thats so rude you have kids least t... Read More »

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Fed up with cars parking outside of my house how do i stop this?

What I find really annoying is people who park outside their houses, half on the pavement, opposite a junction and obsuring the entrance to a drive.The police won't take action because the pavement... Read More »

What can I do about people parking in my private car parking space that is allocated to my house.?

have a metal sign made that saysPleasedo not parkin front ofmy houseor this is a private parking spotillegally parked cars will be towed at owners expense

Should you rake your neighbors lawn when your tree leaves fall on their property?

It would buy you a lot of good will with your neighbors.

How to Park in a Parking Lot?

Have you ever tried to park in a parking lot and had to try a few times.