My neck hurts whenever I try to sleep!?

Answer You need to be evaluated by a physiotherapist. This providing a competent GP/PCP has taken proper imaging and tests to ensure there isn't an underlying spinal issue occurring.As for pain -- I have... Read More »

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My neck hurts a lot...?

That's called a torticolis, which happens very often in young people.You have overdone it with sports or maybe just sat too long reading or before the computer.Ice pack will help it better!The bes... Read More »

My neck hurts a LOT?

It could be caused from extreme stress. Dont wait because it will get worse and u will not be able to function. See your doctor or chiropractor because they will probably give you pain meds and sho... Read More »

My neck hurts any suggestions on what to do?

The side of my neck hurts?

Yes you pulled a muscle. Most likely you can pull your neck muscle if you sleep in a bad position. It will hurt some days, its really painful, but what I would do is tell someone around you if they... Read More »