My neck and shoulders hurt is there any?

Answer Hey Natty, welcome back to Yahoo Answers again...... you can take ibuprofen and paracetemol together... ibruprofen will help with the swelling as well as the pain, paracetemol will help with the pa... Read More »

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Can a kink in your neck make your shoulders crooked?

Maybe... You might wanna ask a doctor about that.

I have really bad chest pains, between shoulders & lower neck, help!?

If your neck muscles got chilled during the night they would tighten up to preserve body heat and that would cause the pains in the morning. Tight neck muscles can press into your throat with enou... Read More »

If stiff shoulders and neck are causing Migraine what is the best remedy please?

Migranes are a killer alright - I get them frequently.So, first you need to explore what is giving you the stiffness in your neck and shoulders.Is it your posture? Are you stooping or not sitting c... Read More »

I get red lines between my shoulders an neck that go away an comeback once a week.what isit and why do i getit?

So you have to check what exactly you're doing at this time, because it might be an allergic reaction to something. Are you doing some weight lifting or other sports, going outside to a special pla... Read More »