My muscles and back hurts after exercise?

Answer Don't ever rush exercise make sure you warm up and cool down properly. Don't over do it or you will injure your self and end up like you are now (with aches and pains) make sure you take rest days ... Read More »

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What food will help me to gain muscles and volume after weight exercise?

To produce optimal results when building muscle you need to be eating plenty of protein. This is because when you workout you tear your muscles. When these muscles heal again this is what causes th... Read More »

My back hurts so bad after my work out yesterday?

If you did not injure yourself and have generalized ache as you've described, you are suffering from delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). You can read about it here --> Read More »

My back hurts after mixing frozen lime aid and a pint of vodka . Is it the booze or all the highfruitosecornsu?

Your back hurts because you chose to spend the night sleeping outside in the cold over a fire hydrant.Next time share the joy juice. Also that corn syrup can do a nasty number on you- next time te... Read More »

What are the best ways to get back into activities, such as exercise, after lapsing for a time?

Don't over-think it. Don''t go on any guilt trips. Be a Nike person and Just Do It!