My mum is extremely addicted to playing games on facebook! Help me?

Answer dude if you really wish to stop it remove the ram from your computer for a few weeks. you would no that a computer cant start without the ram. she wont turn on the computer and this would divert he... Read More »

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Help! I'm addicted to facebook! What do I do?

You need the state power grid to declare a total black out on your electricity supply at home.Call the police and tell them to not only take away every electronic device charger you have in your po... Read More »

How to Help Someone Addicted to Video Games?

Video game addiction is more than a simple desire to play video games - it is a need and compulsion for video games that cannot be controlled. Addictions, whether they be to video games, substances... Read More »

Which t.v is best for playing PS3 games and Blu rays on Would it be a LED, Full HD T.V Need help!?

Any LED TV TV you buy today is actually an LCD set with LED baklighting instead of CCFL LCD displays used to use. Just get what name brand you like that fills your need.

My Dell Inspiron 1525 suddenly switches off while playing games.Can anyone help me on this?

This is odd as I checked up on the technical specification of your system, NFSMW should work well. The problem is most certainly overheating but your computer should be taking a low power game such... Read More »