My mouth is really really sore , please help!?

Answer In the dental world it's called a labial frenum. There are a multitude of things it could be, but one of the most common is canker sores. It is like the same kind you can get on the inside of you... Read More »

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I have a sore on the roof of my mouth, i also have a white sore on my inner lip what could this be?

Why is my mouth so sore?

I have a mouth sore of some sorts?

It might be a canker sore or it might be something very serious, have the dentist take a look at it.**It doesn't matter if you smoke or not or use tobacco products just like sometime people get lun... Read More »

Sore in mouth Worried?

You know what the problem is. It's time to worry if you get a bad sore in your mouth and you don't know what caused it.Rinse your mouth morning and night with a glass of water to which you've adde... Read More »