My mouth hurts so bad?

Answer You poor thing! I hate when I accidentally bite myself. Ouch! Sorry, but other than a topical oral anesthetic such as Anbesol there is little you can do. Just take it easy and have easy to eat ... Read More »

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Please help My mouth hurts! Why?

Get The Canker Spanker! It's the only thing that has worked for me. It's a pill, so it doesn't irritate the sore, just heals it fast and prevents new breakouts. Look'em up online or call your pharm... Read More »

My mouth hurts!?

This sounds like an abscess. You need to see your dentist for evaluation. Good luck!

A tooth is growing & my mouth hurts, what can I do?

Sounds possibly like a wisdom tooth coming in. They hurt bad. Tell a parent and get to the dentist. You need to have it taken out asap. Even if that isn't the case, it's still needing to be checked... Read More »

I got a cavity filled a week ago and my mouth still hurts?

1. does it hurt when you bit down?If it does then your filling is too high. Your dentist will just take his high speed hand piece & adjust it for you. He will tell you to bite down & you should fee... Read More »