My mouth has tasted like copper all day why?

Answer Maybe it's something you ate. I sometimes get a really strange taste in my mouth after eating certain foods. For instance, I ate fish two days ago and I had a weird taste in my mouth for over 24 ho... Read More »

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Took a Drink of Black Coffee With An Extremely Dry Mouth and It Tasted Sweet?

While saliva is a factor here, it is not about it's ability to break down foods in this case (or in the case of any beverage, since it only applies in cases where you are chewing solid food). Anot... Read More »

Have you tasted 'Haggis' and did you like it?

Its wonderful.I am Scottish and enjoy it every now and again. Not ALL the time. But its so nice. With potatoes and turnips!TRY IT.

I drank water that tasted like rust, what should i do?

Where did the water come from? Was it clear or murky?If it came from a drinking water tap or was purchased in a shop in a proper bottle, the likelihood of it being harmful is pretty slim.

What food you didn't like b/c of how it looked but once you took a chance & tasted it you suddenly liked it?

I went to a picnic, and they were serving something that looked extremely gross. It was pickles wrapped up in ham with some cream cheese. Eww, it still sounds disgusting but it's so good!