My mouse will not move over the screen smoothly and keeps stopping. Any ideas?

Answer theres probably something wrong with your mousebatteries if you have them???

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My screen on my mac moves when i move my mouse HELP!!!?

It's not display resolution, you simply have the 'zoom' feature turned on. It's for people with vision problems. Go into System Preferences (under the Apple menu) choose > Universal Access and turn... Read More »

I'm having trouble with my computer mouse it doesn't move as freely as it 1st did any ideas on how to solve it?

Go to the bottom of the mouse. Take off the thing and open it up. Take out the ball. There will be 4 little metal smallt things inside the hole after you took out the ball. They are probably dirty... Read More »

Is there a way to put wheels on my video camera Tripod to make it move smoothly How!?

There are two easy ways to do this...1) A "tripod dolly" is a three-wheeled, three armed, "stand" that the tripod fits onto. Search amazon using "tripod dolly".2) Since I don't need one very often,... Read More »

My computer mouse can only move up & down...cant move left to right please help!!!?

It sounds like your mouse is one that has a ball underneath...if you are using one with a ball in, take it out as there may be dust inside.Have a look there are two little rollers one controlles up... Read More »