My mouse suddenly started vibrating!! What can I do I can't turn it off!! It's not even plugged! Please help!?

Answer Your the cause of it..sexual've got to let it out, man! And since its vibrating, use it.

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I have a samsung galaxy mini and suddenly everything needed to be forced closed then it started vibrating?

i had the same issue, they told me to do a hard reset when i went into the shop, but would not tell me how in case i "wiped" my phone, so i did the only thing we can when trying to win against the ... Read More »

Why does my mouse keep vibrating everytime i touch it?

My mouse is suddenly super sensitive. then its not, then it is again.?

Control panel > Printers and other hardware > mouseNow in the tabs click 'Pointer options' then change the speed regarding how sensitive you want it..Now thats if your using windows, if your using ... Read More »

My mouse suddenly stops working please help !?

How old is the mouse? You might just need to cough up the money for a new one.