My mouse stop working every time i lift it up from the table why is this?

Answer Look at the sensor at the bottom of your mouse. Rub your finger across it, look at your screen as you're doing this. Problem solved it works with out it being on the table. If you are too stupid to... Read More »

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The ball in my mouse keeps falling out every time I pick up the mouse.?

Every time I download an item for Word, it comes up in symbols Anybody know how to stop this?

Download and install the free Office Compatibility Pack. This allows Word 2000-2003 to open the new docx documents. You can open them but only save them in the old doc format. Read More »

How do I stop Windows Movie Maker from opening every time I connect my camera to the computer?

If you can't find a setting in Windows Movie Maker to make it quit, you might have to get into the system registry.

My GF is pregnant and I pulled out every time! How can I keep her from pinning this on me?

if you didn't want to be a father yet, you shouldn't have put it in, dumbsh*t. and obviously your not smart enough to wear a condom.