My mouse keeps freezing?

Answer Give him a hot water bottle ..poor thing

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The ball in my mouse keeps falling out every time I pick up the mouse.?

My computor keeps freezing.?

you probably have a lot of junk files. clean up your temporary files.defrag your computer.and download ccleaner.if all else fails, recycle the piece of s**t, and buy a new one. :)

My computer keeps freezing!?

Windows freezes or stops responding frequently.This issue could be caused by any of the below possibilities. 1. Software related issue. 2. Driver related issue. 3. Operating system related issue. 4... Read More »

My computer is slow and keeps freezing..why?

Slow computer syndrome could be caused by a whole bunch of different reasons. Here is the list that you should consider checking through. This contains both the problem and suggested resolutions. T... Read More »