My mouse keeps double clicking,is there a way to fix this?

Answer Try going to the control panel, and mouse, then changing the time of double click to faster...

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How to Fix a Double Clicking Mouse?

Using a double-clicking mouse on your computer causes the mouse to click twice when you have only clicked once. This can result in you opening up programs and files you did not mean to. The problem... Read More »

Why dose my mouse double click?

Click START, then SETTINGS, then CONTROL PANEL. Click MOUSE. Make sure that the double click speed is not set to fast. Also, make sure the click lock is not on.

My mouse keeps double clicking on its own almost everytime whenever i click it once to clickables HELP!!!!?

Your right, it maybe a virus. try scanning your pc with up to date virus scanner. Also maybe the mouse try disconnect the mouse then restart your pc. Last resort is to replace your mouse.

Do you single click or double click your mouse?

single click and it's the best of the best way to use your mouse