My mouse just stopped working!!!!!!!!! help!!!!!!!!!?

Answer first, take a Valium and get a grip over yourself! second, reboot your computer and try too reinstall the software.

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My Wireless Mouse has stopped working How do I fix it?

Replace batteries, on the wireless receiver press the search button, then on the bottom of the mouse, press the small button. Try this sequence at least 3 times if it doesn't work. Good luck!

So, the left click button on my mouse has stopped working! What should I do?

You can use the TAB button to navigate to the Control Panel and switch the mouse buttons under settings. (Use TAB to move around, arrows for sub menus, then Enter to select).But it is only $10-$20 ... Read More »

Window inataller has stopped working or gp core has stopped working..?

Sync Server has stopped working MDCrashReportTool has stopped working.?

sync server has stopped working mdcrash reporttool has stopped working.?