My mouse cursor keeps moving to the left l when I'm typing?

Answer you not just leaning on your laptop trackpad? if not, new mouse?

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My laser wireless HP mouse keeps moving and scrolling by itself.?

get a new mouse, that has had its last life

How to Fix a Cursor Jumping Backwards When Typing?

One of the innovative features about laptops is the built-in trackpad in lieu of a standard computer mouse. This device eliminates the need to have a mouse dangling from your PC as you tote it from... Read More »

Mouse pointer moving on its own when on the mouse pad?

Remove the back cover and clean the rollers where the ball sits. I use cotton tips with alcohol. If its really dirty, you may have to scrape the built up kunk.

My Cursor keeps dissapearing from the screen when I type ,can anyone help please?

This is a mouse option. To deactivate it:In Windows XP:1. Click the Start->Control Panel menu item.2. Click Printers and other hardware.3. Click Mouse.4. Click Pointer Options.5. Uncheck Hide poin... Read More »