My monitor screen blinks, what should I do?

Answer It sound like one of your monitor settings got changed. Your refresh rate is probably too low. It should be around 75mhz.

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My computer monitor blinks so i bought new one but that also blinks.what to do?

more likely it's the graphics card than the cpu, motherboard or cpu,. maybe even the power source, but i'd start w/ the gpu, it's the weakest link in most systems.

LCD monitor blinks/flashes?

how 'old' is yr monitor? maybe u wld like to do an auto adjust next time u on it, if cant send it for servicing already

Help !!! My Computer screen blinks !!!!?

You monitor's plug could not be fixed properly..orYour power supply is not proper..or there could be something with the monitor plug...Those are some ways...check out some other answers, Read More »

Guys help me out, my screen window blinks?

are you using explorer..... TRY thisin browser goto tools