My monitor is suddenly getting switched off can any1 tell me what to do?

Answer Sounds like a problem with the monitor, such as overheating or some other component drifting out of spec that is causing the monitor to temporarily shut down. If so, you'll have to replace the mon... Read More »

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My PC monitor makes a loud crackling sound whenever it is switched after being switched off for a long time?

Its static discharge which happens with monitors & tv's using CRT's..Read the following article for more info:…And yes, you absolutely dont have to worry r... Read More »

Hey can any1 tell me a good love song?

until the day I die by Story of the Year. Its rock-ish and loud but I love that song :D

Monitor suddenly loses brightness on laptop?

From my understanding, a dimmer screen is a power saving feature on a laptop. A laptop in sleep mode is still using a good amount of it's full power especially in battery mode. The extended monitor... Read More »

Getting switched to adderall?

Your doctor is trying to give you the medication which best suits you, so don't be afraid to be honest and describe the problems you're experiencing with vyvanse. On a side note, i made the same sw... Read More »