My monitor goes black. What is happening?

Answer turn it back on

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How do you film what is happening on your computer monitor?

You can use Fraps if you are trying to film a game, but not a online game played on the navigator.The best is Camtasia Studio. Instead of these, it really films with quality. The only problem is be... Read More »

What's happening with my canker sore It has like black spots on it!?

It's probably just some dead tissue. It will slough off as the sore heals.Maybe you're overdoing it with the alum. Yes, alum can help with canker sores - but you're irritating already inflamed ti... Read More »

Need some monitor help (I think) (black bar)?

That bar says "Decreasing Volume" on it. It is generated as an on screen display (OSD) that is part of the monitor's audio system. A button might be stuck. It has nothing to do with the PC.Just ... Read More »

My monitor turns on but goes black?

I think the back light is going out. Not much--I believe--you can do about it unless you're willing to open it up. I'd suggest getting a new one instead of trying to find someone to fix it. I'm not... Read More »