My monitor goes black. What is happening?

Answer turn it back on

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My monitor turns on but goes black?

I think the back light is going out. Not much--I believe--you can do about it unless you're willing to open it up. I'd suggest getting a new one instead of trying to find someone to fix it. I'm not... Read More »

Monitor goes black when playing games ?

Did you try to use a different monitor before going down to the CPU diagnostic level, try to trace starting from monitor, cable down to cpu.

After i start game my monitor goes black please help?

"i cleaned my graphic card" means blew off dust, soap and water, what?You have to supply the correct setting of refresh rate and resolution for the game to be displayed. Just a guess, since I don'... Read More »

When I try to use my TV as a second computer monitor every time I play a game on it, the TV goes black?

Have to guess since you don't tell what connection to the TV, what video card and settings for both monitors, what OS. Some TVs have a restricted setup on VGA input (1024x768, 60hz only).Some game... Read More »