My monitor doesnt always come on?

Answer Maybe Something's wrong with your vga monitor cable :/.. but last night i had the same problem my cpu was turned on but the display was not coming. But then i just smashed my pc ( just slapped my C... Read More »

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Monitor doesnt support windows 7?

Ok I think you got two different problems here.If Im reading this right.. When the computer starts up and you are able to use it.. But when you leave it on and or put it to sleep the system seems... Read More »

When i listen 2 music with my earphones 1 earpiece doesnt always have there any way 2 fix this...?

Hi, it is always mostly the wire which leads to the headset which would have snapped. If you are using expensive headphones, then it is worth to check out the connections to the headset and have th... Read More »

Why doesnt the weight come off my thighs?

You really need to do work out in gym and do other exercises. Just maintain your healthy diet plan and exercise. You may lose your weight sure.

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