My monitor does not displaying any thing....?

Answer LOL, you asked a question even so, are you using computer braille?

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Why is my laptop monitor displaying everything red?

Since you only say "laptop", you keep a lot of secrets. Can't help if you have that restriction.

Why is my monitor displaying a black screen?

Your video driver probably was updated. You can try rebooting the PC hitting F8 and going to "Last Known Good Configuration" You can also try running a system restore to rollback to before you we... Read More »

Dish network hd40-310 monitor Power comes on then makes funny sound and turns right back off without displaying any picture Any ideas how to fix it?

If you get your local channels, yes. Super Bowl XLIV is scheduled to be broadcast on CBS.

I'[m looking for a computer monitor that is also a TV. is there such a thing?

Actually you can make a monitor as a TV by having a TV video card and TV as a monitor by having a card that supports TV outYou just need to add something to it