My moniter turns off automatically.?

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My computer turns off automatically while working on it and restarts automatically. What could be the reason?

Could be ovewr cheating fix make sure all exhaust ports are clear of blockage.Could be a virus/spyware fix obtain a free virus scanner like AVG to rid yourself of the nuisanceCould be a random wind... Read More »

When I Play Games My Moniter Turns Off While My Cpu Is Running Help?

You may need a more powerful PSU. What do you have now?

Everytime I move my moniter turns off then back on I have had this for 9 years is that the problem or what?

Check all your cable connections first...Nine years is about the life of a monitor.

HTC Magic turns off automatically any help what it can be?

I work for ATT and you must leave the data plan. IF you deleted the data plan, the phone will not work. Hope this helps