My mom's health. Please help?

Answer She needs to go to a doctor and get some tests done such as hormones, thyroid, and pregnancy. If she feels it's a baby, she really needs to be checked out asap in case it's not in the uterus but ra... Read More »

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Period help please girls and moms only!!!!..?

You better tell her before she takes you to the Gyno to find out why you don't have it yet!!! Next time she asks, just face away from her and nod.♥ Taylor

I need help, moms vodka bottle broke PLEASE JUST READ?

use super glue... no it won't be toxic, same thing happened to me when i was 15 but i broke it while trying to get it off some damn seal...... trust me it'll work, worked for me, best of luck and h... Read More »

SAHM moms,working moms, opinions please!?

I don't really agree with that. WIC, maybe just to help buy groceries, but I don't agree with people getting money to spend on whatever. I would like to think that the majority of people who get ... Read More »

Health question please help!?