My mom was mowing the lawn and something hit her leg what should she put on it?

Answer put direct pressure on the spot that is bleeding by holding a clean towel over it and pressing hard, this should help stop the bleeding.after it stops bleeding, she needs to wash it gently, and pat... Read More »

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Our lawn has not been cut for weeks because of the drought & it now needs it so WHO likes mowing the lawn?

i'll do it - if i can take my shirt offi don't suppose you are looking for a live in gardener?

Techniques for Mowing the Lawn?

Mowing a lawn involves cutting the leaves of the grass so they are all at the same level. This smooth surface provides a nice contrast with other plants growing in and around the area. Mowing also ... Read More »

What is good lawn mowing name?

green side up lawn mowinglawn barberlawn barbersdependable lawn careclassic lawn serviceneighborhood lawn servicemowing by Michelle

Lawn Mowing Equipment Questions?

Possibilities for your two questions.1. It's possible that gas is still being fed into the carb when you shut it off causing it to flood. After awhile the excess gas evaporates allowing you to re... Read More »