My mom told me to use olive oil for my ear!!?

Answer Olive oil doesn't posess any healing or cleansing property. For your ears infections or cleansing the best and safest product is hydrogen peroxide found at any pharmacy. The oil could make the wax ... Read More »

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My doctor told me that if I continue eating olive oil I will die?

So where exactly is the logic in going to the dr, soliciting his opinion and then saying no? You seem not to understand what the words "too low" mean. By all means... consult another dr and ignor... Read More »

My brother and i share a room and told me to pretend i was sleeping and i heard him having sex but he told me not to open my eyes what should i do?

I recently suffered from a heart attack so i'm told to watch my diet. I love apple sauce but am told not good?

Depends on what's in it that's not good. If you buy the commercial stuff, then try to make it from scratch eliminating the stuff that 's not good for you - like sugar, salt, etc. Try ... Read More »

My mom told me she may have thyroid cancer and my best friend told me she cuts herself?

I'm really sorry that you received this bad news. I'm praying for both your mom and your best friend. Give your worries to God, and keep your eyes on him. Jesus loves you so much that he paid for y... Read More »