My mom told me taking medicine will lower our immune systems. Is that true?

Answer Well Chan, some medicine really does lower your immunity. With them, one have to be careful for how long you can actually take them.

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Do plants have immune systems?

Answer yes but different then ours

How did i receive a Weakened immune systems?

There are numerous reasons for the immune system to become weakened. One is stress; physiological, physical or emotional.You most likey would have a decreased leukocyte count. (white blood cell)One... Read More »

What are the chances we as a human race have lowered our immune systems so bad with excess cleanliness that..?

"We, as a race," takes in a lot of people in a lot of cultures, you are assuming that the the kind of hygiene you describe is widespread but as someone who has traveled in many parts of the world I... Read More »

Can anyone advise me on how to boost my immune system keep taking infections one after another?

Talk to you doctor first.Get enough sleepEat HealthyExerciseRelax