My mom told me taking medicine will lower our immune systems. Is that true?

Answer Well Chan, some medicine really does lower your immunity. With them, one have to be careful for how long you can actually take them.

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What are the chances we as a human race have lowered our immune systems so bad with excess cleanliness that..?

"We, as a race," takes in a lot of people in a lot of cultures, you are assuming that the the kind of hygiene you describe is widespread but as someone who has traveled in many parts of the world I... Read More »

Is it true that eating prawns shortly after taking vitamin C will cause arsenic acid to form in the body and create a potentially fatal situation?

Answer No, it's not true. It's an urban legend that has been going around the internet and is not based in fact. See the related link below for a site that talks about the history of this fake email.

My husband was told by a doctor, 2yrs ago that he was a diabetic.,he has never taken medicine and sugar level.?

You already know what can happen. He's at extreme risk for a heart attack, stroke, blindness, gangrene in his feet and hands, kidney failure...and in short he's going to cut his life in half.It's e... Read More »

My cousin told me if I drink two gallons of my own urin and it will clear up my acne is true?

What your cousin told you is true and bless him for spreading the information as most people won't tell if if they tried it with success because it is a taboo topic that gets reactions such as you ... Read More »