My mom says I'm anorexic?

Answer So, you're confirming that you are in fact anorexic? I can tell you, from experience, it's not a disorder that you can't rid yourself from, just because you're tired of having it. It's a continuous... Read More »

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I have a 1GB Ipod nano, or so it says in the box , but when I check in about it says that it has 892 MB?

Yes - like any harddrive it reserves a small proportion for its file system (e.g. FAT32).If you look at your PC harddrive - it may be (for example) 20GB, but useable space will be somewhere around ... Read More »

What to do if one doctor says you need surgery and another says you don't?

__________________________ Are you serious? Your asking a bunch of people online. Go to another freakin doctor and ask their opinion.________________________________…

My skyrim box says it requires "Direct X 9.0 compliant" and my computer says it's DirectX 11" would it run?

If your card is DX11, than it will be backwards compatible with DX9. It will automatically use whatever Direct X version the game requires.

Windows says my virtual memory is low. friend says i prob have too many processes running. what can i do?

If you want to know what processes do what when you click on the task manager, check this website…