My mom said I couldn't have my period b4 17. I DID. HEEEELLLLPPPP!!!!?

Answer I don't get it. What do you mean she said you cant have it before 17? That isn't in your control. How are you possibly having your monthlies without her knowing? She will find out sooner or later s... Read More »

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I couldnt sleep last night?

If you're lying in bed and know that you're going to have trouble sleeping, get up and do something for 20-30 mins which will wear you a bit more and help you hit the hay.Personally, I prefer to ju... Read More »

My mom also said we couldnt eat tuna and milk?

This question seems a little crazy. O_OBut my grandparents tell me the same thing. That you're not supposed to drink milk after or while eating fish. After hearing it said a million times I won't d... Read More »

Couldnt sleep at night?

Sleeping pills can give you bad side effects such as headaches and drowsiness during the day so you are better off without them.To sleep better just relax and switch off, if you can.If you are havi... Read More »

Why couldnt i move my hand when i woke up?

you were prolly laying on it when you were sleeping