My mom puts ugly pictures of me on Facebook?

Answer Ugh, I hate when family does that. Unfortunately her friends and your mutual friends will see it if they see her posts, but you can keep it from ever being posted to your wall in the first place, i... Read More »

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My mom puts ugly pictures of me on Facebook and won't delete them?

if you really can't make her delete them, just untag yourself in them all and delete all your comments on them. you could also unfriend or block her.thank god my mom doesn't have facebook and my da... Read More »

What do you think of a 43 year old man who puts this up as his Facebook Status?

Could you be pregnant if your boyfriend puts his sperm on his finger then puts inside of you?

Yes, you could get pregnantYou can also become infected with a sexually transmitted disease this way. If your boyfriend has so little consideration for you as to take such risks like this (the poss... Read More »

Is my hair UGLY! PICTURES!?

Wow, you are really pretty. Naww, I like your hair =) You should see MINE. Now that is poofy (curly)