My mom mixed baby cereal with my formula when I was only 3 weeks old.?

Answer when my oldest son was born, in the 70s they said to give him cereal at 3 weeks and he did. Also was on formula he has a weight problem for decadesMy younger son who I breastfed till he was a presc... Read More »

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How long after mixing baby cereal with formula will it stay good?

Is it possible to get feelings in your tummy when the baby moves if you are only 4 or 5 weeks' pregnant?

Answer probablt not i mean its too early to tell that. usually the baby moves in the 5th or 6th month Answer It's possible, you won't feel a strong movement, but fluttering or like the baby is twit... Read More »

If the baby weighs what it should at 37 weeks but you are only 35 weeks and experiencing contractions is it safe to go into labor early?

Answer Hello, Jamison here, As A rule it is not A good idea to induce or allow labor early, Only YOUR personal doctor can tell you if you need to give birth early, There are A LOT of factors ... Read More »

Did my baby quit growing and die for no reason LMP was Sept 14 2007 the doc is saying that the fetus is only 8-9 weeks along by ultrasound scan but I am suppose to be 14 weeks could their be twins?

It is almost certainly not twins. They would have been picked up by the ultrasound, and one twin is usually close to normal size. Babies die in the womb for many different reasons. Sometimes it is... Read More »