My mom is forcing me to take prescription medicine im not comfortable with?

Answer Without the name of the tablet it's impossible to comment. Short of seeing your family doctor (who will also want to know the name of the stuff you are taking), all you can do is not swallow it -... Read More »

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Is it safe to take 2-year old prescription medicine (ACIPHEX)?

Hi (((Darth)))I think the best thing you can do, is askyour DR. or Pharmacist. I wouldn't take it, if it's that old.Love Ya, 1forHIM

What is the most comfortable 3D TV for a person with prescription glasses?

For someone with prescription glasses, I would recommend the clip type 3D glasses which are great because it can be snapped on eyeglasses from the front. I saw it in a demo last week.

Hay Fever Treatment Easy With Surprising Simple Chinese Herbal Medicine Prescription?

It's amazing how Chinese Herbal Medicine can help & cure certain illness or sickness so easily while Western medicine have such a hard time & only covers the symptoms. Many people don't trust Chine... Read More »

What is the best non prescription medicine for migraines?

When you feel one coming on, the best way to ward it off is:Immerse feet in hot water and put an ice pack on your head. Sit still like this until you feel the sensation passing. It forces the ext... Read More »