My mom is 50 and just got internet access. 10 points to get her off my back!!!?

Answer Here's my email address:, my dads 64 and my moms 54, I've walked them both through hell and back on a computer. I'm a certified IT specialist. You should tell her next time she as... Read More »

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North Korea points missles at Hawaii and threatens to wipe the U.S. off the map why doesn't the U.S. military just bomb them back to the stone age?

Because the U.S. military is under the command of the President and the Congress, both of whom are democrat, and avoid war at all costs. Answer: It's a nice vengeful metaphor to contemplate, but no... Read More »

Is WiMAX a big access point or does it still requiere installation of multiple access points inside buildings?

As I understand it, WiMAX is not meant for indoor broadcast use. The root device connect to a carrier is mounted on a tower and broadcasts over several miles. A user will have a WiMAX client device... Read More »

Can WiMAX be used as a large area Access point or will i have to install access points to serve wireless clien?

WiMAX is basically just a high-range version of WiFi.I'm no CCIE or anything but I don't really think anybody uses it though, from what I've heard you either set up a bunch of AP's or use cell towe... Read More »

Can you get wireless internet with just 1 laptop with integrated wireless card, an access point, and a modem?

everything you mentioned is all you need. you just have to access your switch via ethernet to get started. once you have connected the cable simply goto command prompt and type in ipconfig (or ipco... Read More »