My mom ignores the fact that I'm vegetarian?

Answer You sound old enough to be doing at least some of your own cooking. Get some recipes together and make a shopping list - it will contain things like pulses, whole grains, seeds, nuts etc which can... Read More »

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Would you agree that a snake is more ethical than a human that eats McDonnalds due to the fact that snakes eat?

Why snakes? A natural ancient reptile that is coded soley for survival vs abominations of nature eating at one of the most wasteful destructive corporations....

Why is it that, despite the fact that homeopathy has been shown to be totally worthless,?

I'm coming a bit late to this party, and I won't get involved in the various arguments and threads that have developed, and stick to the original question.Basically, the world is an increasingly co... Read More »

Do you think if I put on enough makeup, that it will cover up the fact that I'm an ugly person?

you call being cynical, despondent, malice-filled, overly aggressive, ID-driven, shallow, and afraid of sea shells 'ugly?' you're not ugly at all, that stuff is why we love you! now who wants to ... Read More »

My vegitarian friend said that if you are a vegetarian that you can save 9 animals a year by not eating meat?

You cannot "save" the animals, anymore than you will save trees by recycling paper. Trees used for paper are not from the rain forest and are not threatened species, they are raised like corn and ... Read More »