My mom has died of cancer and I'm 15, will this pain heal?

Answer The pain will never heal but in time it will not be as bad as it currently is. It takes a year for any loss to not hurt so bad. You need to experience the loss of your mother through all seasons.... Read More »

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My uncle on my Dad's side just died of cancer Thursday. Now I'm scared because my mom has cancer too...?

Lord, hold this family, hold them in Your Arms,Ease this child's aching head and heart,as You send Holy Spirit Comforter into this placeOf heartbreak and confusion, send Your clarityand wisdom into... Read More »

Dedication to anyone who has died from Breast Cancer or cancer?

I do not know anybody who passed away from Breast cancer or I cannot think of anybody. Nobody in my family anyway.My grand father died of lung cancer about 3 months after my grand mother died. He w... Read More »

My paternal grandmother died of breast cancer. Does that increase my chances of developing breast cancer?

Breast cancer is common enough that having a grandparent who contracted the disease does not necessarily mean that you have any predisposition to it yourself. Just be vigilant, and you'll be fine.

Iam Cancer Patient in very great pain,When will Idie and be free of my pain?

Hi Mohna V? I am sorry to know that you are a cancerpatient. May Almighty God help you to pass peacefullythis difficult time. As per my knowledge, all cancer patients get severe pain, which goes... Read More »