My mom doesn't let me color my hair, Help?

Answer Don't color your hair. You're just gonna damage it and you don't need a 'fresh' look for high school.I honestly don't think it's worth it. My friend had really pretty hair until she dyed it and the... Read More »

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You can do one of two things, to remove most of that dye. 1. By using Tide detergent with shampooGoogle "How to Remove Dye from Hair"or2. By shampooing you hair mix with a bit of Dawn.Google "How t... Read More »

Hair color question HELP?

Leave the die in longer, try not to shampoo your hair as much, or use a color safe shampoo. There are things you can buy to stop colorfade too c:

What does you cant help any one who doesnt help themselves mean?

It means no matter how hard you try if someone you are wanting to help doesn't care, it won't do any good. ex. You try and help your dad stop smoking but, he doesn't want to. You can't help them if... Read More »

What color hair PLEASE HELP?

She'll probably be like you guys and be born with blonde hair that gradually gets darker.I too had light blonde hair and now it's black