My mom cant take me to the docter but im extremly sick?

Answer Aww i'm sorry you're feeling sick :(Tell your dad you NEED to go to the doctor. Now. It's not fair to wait until she gets back. You can get diagnosed with something if you wait and it could be life... Read More »

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Am i sick cause my mom is gonna take me ro the docter?

You maybe have a slight eye infection, go speak to your mum. Posting a smile, Get better soon.

Hellp! I think that i may need to go to the docter!!?

My oldest son has a BB in his stomach (compliments of his younger brother.) The doctors said they would leave it alone, because it wouldn't hurt anything where it is now. I wouldn't worry about i... Read More »

On BBC 1 what time does docter who come on?

How did your docter know you was pregnant with out test?

Your doctor can head a hearbeat, measure your fundel height, or even, if given an internal exam, your cervix has changes.