My mom cant take me to the docter but im extremly sick?

Answer Aww i'm sorry you're feeling sick :(Tell your dad you NEED to go to the doctor. Now. It's not fair to wait until she gets back. You can get diagnosed with something if you wait and it could be life... Read More »

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Am i sick cause my mom is gonna take me ro the docter?

You maybe have a slight eye infection, go speak to your mum. Posting a smile, Get better soon.

If your 12 yr old son has a temp of 102.7 and has been sick since last night Should you take him to the ER or can you wait until morning to take him if he isn't larthagic and only has mild flu symptom?

If he is 12 years old it is safe to wait till morning if he is otherwise normal. Symptoms to be taken seriously are vomiting, abdominal pain, irritability, drowsiness and severe headache.

I'm 13, and i cant take naps. Even if I try really hard. I just can't take naps. WHY is this normal?

ofcourse it's normal.ur just so full of energy ur body doesn;t need a rest.dont worry, it's normal!

I cant take it.?

~~Try this. Take 2 cups of water to 1/2 cup of rubbing alcohol. Freeze this solution in ziplock freezer bags. It makes a really nice, moldable gel pack that stays cold a long time. Put them on the... Read More »