My mobile has unusable screen syndrome and it's getting's a nokia touch-screen.?

Answer I would save the data & reset it.I have an iphone & I'm not sure if it's true for Nokia also, but I found I was never turning it off & it was freezing on me. The tech geeks said many of these smart... Read More »

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Which mobile is the best in nokia expressmusic touch screen?

Nokia & Samsung touch screen cell phones; which one's better?……EDIT: @Majid : I agree with you I've got the same HTC It's wonderfull!!!

What do you do if the applications on an ipod touch don't work you touch the app it goes to the app screen as if it were loading and then it goes back to the home screen.?

OK. So first.... yoou probably have jailbroken your ipod touch/iphone. I know how it feels... It happened to me before too. But anyhow, the only way to make it work is to go to itunes and restore y... Read More »

How do you create application for touch screen mobile?

Android apps are created in Java. That is a computer programming language. There are a lot of guides to help you learn Java. Also you would download Eclipse. This is an IDE that makes it easier to ... Read More »