My microphone sounds bad when i record on skype with fraps?

Answer Hello, To fix sound problem in windows . Reinstall drivers and any software, if this does not fix it then use the links below...… Read More »

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How can I make sounds from soundboards go through skype without using my microphone so i can use them in a cal?

Open the Volume Control > Options > Properties > Recording > OK > Select "Stereo Mix".This will transmit to the microphone input everything that is being played on your computer.

How to Record Audio With Fraps?

Fraps is a recording utility that allows you to record audio and video from most 3D games. Video is recorded in real time, capturing what you are seeing onscreen and compressing it into a video fil... Read More »

How to Record Movies of PC Games Using Fraps?

Fraps is one of the best screenrecording programs currently on the market. Here is how to use it for recording games.

What will I need to upgrade to be able to record with Fraps without huge FPS drops?

You will encounter a large performance loss when you play and record on the same HDD, they cant handle it when you write on them at about 60Mb/sec and in the meantime you read game files. The easie... Read More »