My microphone only works when jack is halfway inserted?

Answer Here's my guess: You have a balanced output mike but your computer expects unbalanced.Look at the plug on your microphone. Does it have three conductors? Usually called tip, ring, and sleeve. Th... Read More »

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Can headphones be used a microphone when plugged into the microphone jack on a computer?

Yes! You can use any set of headphones as a microphone. Follow the link to see how.

How Microphone works ?

Sound creates waves of pressure in the air. A microphone usually has a diaphragm that can be moved by said pressure waves. There are several different ways to make this into an electrical signal. O... Read More »

Microphone Audio Jack HELP!?

Hi Tom,My name is Krishna and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell. As per the picture, starting from the left, below are the specifications of the audio ports.Microphone connecto... Read More »

Can I record with a microphone using this jack converter?

It should work, but :-)It a lot of weight to pin on trying to plug into your fragile microphone jack in a PC. I'd look for a cable instead.