My mic works but i can't hear others what could be the problem very annoying?

Answer You didnt provide what you are tryin to use them with for a program but here goes, If you are refering to Yahoo messenger, open the preferences and click on the calling and audio tabe and make sure... Read More »

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Very annoying printer problem?

Try COMPLETELY removing the printer software from your computer first. Check Add/Remove programs. Then check your C:\Program Files folder and make sure the files are gone. Then go to HP's websit... Read More »

Iphone call problem(other person cant hear my voice)?

Try using your headphones and talking into the headphones microphone. If that works the second thing I would do is download voice recording app or use the built in note taking one. Record your voic... Read More »

I could use some advice, my screen monitor has an annoying color problem.?

Since you've ruled out faulty cables, it is most likely a capacitor problem that is causing your LCD screen to behave the way it does. The periodic nature of the problem points to this possibility.

What could the problem be if the child is very smart but will not work independently in school?

Underachieving gifted students are often bored in school. I know some underachieving gifted students (elementary school age) who were too bored to work on their own, but enjoyed socializing and sho... Read More »