My mate Luke, 24, has recently contracted piles, anyone else find this funny?

Answer Erm no i dont find it funny at all cos it can be very painfull please show some sympathy to your friend .

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You recently bought the ifrogz gray case for the iPhone 4 The online item said that it includes a screen protector Mine did not come with one Has anyone else gotten this product or had this problem?

Has anyone else here contracted the 2006 Flu virus?

I had it over New Years and it turned into walking pnemonia. Most of my family is either ill with it or has had it already. Bad, bad strain.Hope all is well with you.

Does anyone else think this is as funny as i do (about old people with electronics)?

The better cameras don't give you a screen picture when shooting. You still look through the viewfinder. You can usually get a better picture that way as you're holding the camera closer to you a... Read More »

Anyone else find this ironic?

its not ironic. the parents were probably so hard on her..they wanted everything to be perfect, and the girl cracked...its happen quite often